Prepare for Daily Battle with Shirts Of Armour

Prepare for Daily Battle with Shirts Of Armour


Whether driving, working, or shopping, every encounter can be a battle. Shirts of Armour produces amazingly realistic armor graphics on a quality shirt, offering conflict protection.

          Shirts of Armour, a budding producer of high-end, innovative production t-shirts, recently initiated a Kickstarter campaign to purchase equipment to produce the shirts in the USA. The cost to print the shirts and make them affordable to buyers is too expensive to send out in the United States, but the owner, Steve Bents, would like to create them here rather than overseas. To implement his idea, he is working with Kickstarter, a public benefit corporation with a mission to bring creative projects to life.  The site, located at, offers a shirt to each supporter over $25, with more shirts and products for higher pledges.

          “Recently, my friend Josh and I commented that we needed to ‘put on our armor’ to face the day, and the idea was born,” says Bents. From 1300 BC, through the early seventeenth century, humans used armor to protect themselves from physical assaults. But more than physical defense, armor provided warriors the courage to face challenges, knowing that they could survive relatively unscathed. “I want to bring the fantastic aesthetic of armor worn by men of medieval times and seen today in realistic fighting games, MMO and fantasy games to everyday use,” he adds.

           Shirts of Armour allows the same courageous and symbolic protection that came with medieval armor, without the rigidity of metal plates, weight of 45 to 100 pounds, and price  reserved for those who could afford the three years of wages or several years of rent in a fifteenth century apartment.

          Additionally, the shirts are highly realistic, incorporating brilliant design with a process known as sublimation printing, the same method used to color metal pendants with ink. By directly infusing the ink into the material, Shirts of Armour is able to achieve an appearance of surrealism. This eliminates the heat transfer printing method, which tends to fade, crack, and distort images.

          The designs for these shirts are inspired by popular MMO’s and fantasy games. Bents received additional insight into providing descriptions for the shirts through his wife, who has played a medieval text-based role playing game for years.

          Shirts of Armour, through the fundraiser, online and print promotion, hopes to give everyone the protection they need from everyday woes.

About Shirts of Armour

          Shirts of Armour was conceived by Steven Bents after reflecting with a friend on how a suit of armor would help to make it through the day. Weeks later, Shirts of Armour was well on its way into reality. Currently, Shirts of Armour aims to reduce its prices and increase its variety by producing here in the USA, and is raising funds to do so through a Kickstarter campaign page.

For more information or to show support, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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